Cinnamon Puffs



Recipe Used:

What I Liked:

  • Using up some (but not much) of the cinnamon/brown sugar mixture I made during that superfail attempt to bake cinnamon rolls…I’ve been trying to use it up in recipes for SO long but it’s kinda messy to work with sugar mixtures and I didn’t wanna make a huge mess at school 😡
  • The streusel part was DELICIOUS. Gave it a super yummy crunch. Don’t incorporate it into the batter.
  • Brown butter smells like HEAVEN.

What I Would Change:

  • Nothing, really to be honest…
  • I didn’t read the “mix as little as possible” part until the end so while I don’t think I overmixed in general, I wasn’t TOTALLY conscious of the fact that I was supposed to not mix much. Thankfully, the puffs turned out really tender anyway! In the back of my head I thought I might have to avoid overmixing because I know that a lot of recipes with buttermilk/baking soda call for little mixing BUT this recipe flat out used an electric mixer and it didn’t fully separate wet and dry ingredients (also another common thing when you’re supposed to mix as little as possible) SOOO I was just somewhat confused/conflicted. Anyway, take home message is that I should be conscious of it in the future if I reuse this recipe. I could try making the entire recipe by hand? Creaming the butter/sugar might be kind tough…
  • I don’t KNOW that the brown butter added much in terms of flavor, so if I really want to avoid the greasy and disgusting dishesss….hehehe. Maybe it did and my palette is just not that sensitive lol.
  • Next time, maybe on two or three puffs I could try to add the streusel before the baking so that it sinks a bit into the batter and melts/caramelizes? I’ve tried that before on banana muffins and I didn’t LOVE the result, hence the two or three puff trial haha. I don’t think I could add the streusel in the last few minutes of baking because 1) the puffs only bake for 12 minutes anyway and 2) because the tops bake pretty quickly so the streusel wouldn’t be able to sink into the batter

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Smitten Kitchen recipes are SO reliable. I don’t think I’ve ever had to change any of her recipes.
  • Just to reiterate, brown butter smells like heaven. Easily one of my favorite odors. There should be a brown butter perfume. I might even like it more than I like chocolate. OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that thought out. I feel like a dirty traitor.
  • I’m hoping to use another chunk of the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture on mothers day when I try Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for a French Toast Bake.
  • This recipe is BASICALLY a variation on the pancake recipe I use! (The Bakingdom recipe makes that fact super clear haha). The technique is different, for sure. I think creaming the butter/sugar adds volume. However, based on the comparable recipes, I could just follow the technique I use to make pancakes and achieve a similar result.
  • My mom had the brown butter premade and stored in a jar!! I should just do that from now on! It would eliminate the dish problem!
  • Because the recipe is so comparable to a pancake recipe, I’m sure I could swap out the cinnamon streusel and just add chocolate chips or something!
  • I wish I could take better photos D:
  • Shoutout to Charley and Jess for helping me make this blog! ❤ So excited to finally have a place to write out all these rando thoughts!

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