Mother’s Day Crepes

Ok so I don’t have a picture of this…but I made breakfast crepes for mother’s day! I really wanted to do a nice elaborate brunch with lotsa dishes but something came up at 9AM so I was in quite the time crunch x_x My main goal was to include yogurt or cream cheese in these somehow because I know my mom likes those kinds of tangy flavors haha

Recipes Used:

I made the crepe with the crepe recipe (surprise lol) and I made the cream cheese/yogurt filling using the smitten kitchen recipe. I considered making the full smitten kitchen recipe, but I didn’t think my family would like something SO indulgent in the morning haha. (Don’t think I would, either!)

What I Changed:

  • We only had skim milk, so I added about…1.5 TBSP of cream to make sure there was still some richness in there!
  • I let the batter rest overnight (sorta…4 hrs?). I guess I wonder how much of a difference it really made to let it rest at all?


  • Didn’t use greek yogurt because we only had plain yogurt in the house!
  • Used superfine (NOT confectioner’s) sugar…might want to use confectioner’s sugar in the future
  • Halved the recipe for the mixture
  • I made crepes filled with (1) Banana and Peanut Butter, (2) Banana and Cream Cheese/Yogurt Mixture, (3) Banana and Cream Cheese/Yogurt Mixture AND Cinnamon/Brown Sugar (was able to use up more of it wooo)
What I Liked:

  • The cream cheese/yogurt mixture was pretty good! Should reduce the amount of sugar in the future. However, my brother didn’t like it much, and I have to say that I only liked it in small amounts. It was a good idea to not put it in the crepe I made for my dad because I don’t think he would have liked it. No comments on it from my mom.
  • The cinnamon/brown sugar addition was SO GOOOOOOD. Or at least I thought so haha
  • The ingredients were everyday things–eggs, flour, sugar, etc. Love recipes like that!
  • I LOVE how versatile crepes are. I felt like I could literally toss anything in them. Eggs, Jelly/Preserves, Cream Cheese or Yogurt (by themselves), Nutella, Nuts, Honey, Golden Syrup, other fruits, and SO MUCH MOREEE
  • My family enjoyed them, overall! My brother requested pancakes soon though 😛
  • Surprisingly healthy! Especially for tasting so rich/indulgent/sweet idk

What I Would Change:

  • It took wayyy too long to get all of the lumps out of the batter x_x Don’t know of a solution for this, maybe just use an electric mixer? Even then I feel like there could be lumps, though. I could try sifting the dry ingredients, but I don’t really know if that will help. Mixing the wet ingredients together before adding to dry could help. This time around I just kinda tossed everything into a bowl cause of the rush 😛 Also have to remember to add wet to dry and not the other way around.
  • I made the crepes too thick–I only would up with 5 even though I was supposed to get 8. They were sorta elastic-y and thick (for crepes, anyway) in the center, which I know is bad. They got thick in the middle regardless of where I initially placed the batter (center of the pan, edges, etc.)!! It’s b/c I would always have to tilt the pan to get the batter to spread and the liquid would run over the center multiple times for every one time it reached the edge of the pan or a hole in the crepe. I think I can solve that problem in the future by just spreading the batter thin with my spatula–that technique will be more consistent with what actual crepe makers do to make their crepes thin lol (referencing a specific tool here, but I have no idea what it’s called)


  • Use confectioner’s sugar in the future
  • DEFINITELY bring the cream cheese to room temperature and smooth it out BEFORE adding the yogurt. Might even consider using a hand mixer if the dishes aren’t a problem. I say this because I had to strain the mixture to remove the lumps, which was a hugeee pain. Tbh that step was pretty unnecessary because it was just a filling–visual appeal didn’t matter because nobody would see it, and in terms of taste, the lumps definitely weren’t big enough that we’d be able to taste chunks of cream cheese. I knew it was unnecessary as I was doing it, but I did it anyway lol. What is wrong with me??

Other Comments:

  • Wound up making the batter and filling at 3AM and getting up at 7AM (eeeeeeeek). Soo 5 crepes took just over an hour to make and eat! Not bad, considering I only used one pan!
  • I cooked each crepe about 3-4 minutes on each side, medium heat. I’m assuming if they’re thinner, they’ll cook faster
  • My brother added coconut flakes and maple syrup to his. He ate two and was still hungry. Good thing to note for future in terms of how much food to make.
  • There was about 1 Cup of leftover yogurt/cream cheese filling, but that’s probably also because I ultimately only used it in four crepes
  • My mom liked the batter/crepe itself and asked for the recipe. I feel like she’s skilled enough to make them really thin 😮 Will make them with her next time, hopefully!
  • I really have to comment on this again…being able to write out all my thoughts makes me wonder how I kept so many comments in my head for sooo long o.o I don’t think I’ll go back and do writeups for things I’ve made in the past because they wouldn’t be anywhere near as detailed/fresh in my mind. But anyway, I really like this!!!!

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