Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes

Helllooo Fourth of July!

I made cupcakes to bring to a friends BBQ, thinking it was a belated Fourth of July event…turns out it was just a regular BBQ OOPS heh. Anyway, I got a few new decorating tips and just HAAAAD to use them ๐Ÿ˜‰

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Reduced the food coloring cause I ran out! Red velvet always requires way too much food coloring, it almost bothers me ><
  • Made mini-cupcakes and baked for ten minutes at 350

What I Liked:

  • The cream cheese frosting was a DREAM. No like actually some of the best frosting I’ve ever had. Like WOW. Piped beauuutifully.

What I Would Change:

  • The red velvet cake recipe was meh. Not bad, but maybe a little too spongy for my tastes (I’m SURE I didn’t overbeat, was very careful not to)? Not very flavorful imo, either. Idk how much I like red velvet anymore…I used to be a huge fan, but I think I might just stick to chocolate in the future ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, I will keep searching for the right red velvet cupcake recipe! I once made a red velvet cheesecake that had a fantastic red velvet cake layer so maybe I can just try using that as a cupcake batter? Maybe I should have just done that this time around lolol

Other Comments:

  • About the frosting–I was really worried at first because 1) I’ve had a terrible experience with cream cheese frosting in the past and 2) cream cheese frostings are supposedly really soft, liquid-y, and difficult to pipe because they don’t hold their shape well. Last time I made it, the butter sorta melted and separated from the cream cheese and it was really gross! I had no idea it would be difficult to get the two to homogenize into one consistency. I kept beating and hoping the frosting would come together but it just kept getting worse. I somehow made it work by using it as a filling, but in general it was far from ideal. This time around, I had a different issue: my frosting turned out lumpy at first! I beat the butter and cream cheese on low speed until they were combined into a relatively but not entirely homogenous mixture. It was important that I did this step while they were both still pretty cold–they had only been kept at room temperature for ten minutes or so. I was afraid that having the butter softened to room temperature entirely would cause it to melt as it had the last time I made cream cheese frosting. I started adding the sifted powdered sugar, and the lumps appeared! I wondered if adding more sugar would help reduce the lumps somehow, but it didn’t. I was afraid to try and beat out the lumps because I didn’t want to overbeat like I had in my first experience, BUT I took the risk and beat the living daylights out of it. I gradually increased my speed and beat for a good five or ten minutes, until nearly all the lumps were gone and I was left with a light, perfectly smooth, perfectly sweet, and perfectly pipable frosting ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Just gotta make sure to make the frosting while it’s relatively cold in the house so that it doesn’t melt, and then pop the cupcakes into the fridge once I’m done piping so that the frosting retains its crisp edges


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