Bagel Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding Post #2!!! Warmed and with a scoop of mango ice cream on top…<3

Basically, because of Ramadan, we had a good two or three stale bagels in the house that I decided to make use of!

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • I had 6 cups of bread cubes so I adjusted the rest of the recipe by increasing the milk to 3 cups but keeping the number of eggs the same (I clearly did not trust this blogger when she said she liked her bread pudding “bready” lol)
  • Increased the sugar to 1/2 cup
  • Didn’t add apples or raisins
  • Omitted nutmeg cause my dad doesn’t like it
  • Let the bagels soak the custard for a good hour or so (important step!)
  • Made it in a 9×13 dish
  • Baked for 45 mins

What I Liked:

  • Level of sweetness was spot on
  • Top was crispy
  • Bagels make for pretty cubes haha. I think tough breads in general are just better for bread pudding because they retain their shape and absorb the custard better. From now on I might avoid using sandwich bread in bread puddings entirely because it’s just too soft!

What I Would Change:

  • Add walnuts! Missing element ❤
  • Otherwise, pretty darn awesome! Better than the recipe I tried to come up with LOL
  • I used 3 cups of milk for 6 cups of bread cubes, I think 2 1/2 cups for
  • Maybe experiment with brown sugar?

Other Comments:

  • This pudding is DEFINITELY better the next day…that might be the first time I’ve said that about any baked good hahah. The custard just tastes so much better after it has settled overnight. It’s too mushy when it’s fresh.
  • However, if I want to warm it up again the next day, I can just pop it into an oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes

Also, for funsies…here is a photo of my brother’s plating hehe:

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