Brown Butter, Brown Sugar Shortbreads

I’ve made these cookies (without the dulce de leche filling) a good three or four times now because they’re one of my brother’s favorites. They’re admittedly pretty terrible for your health LOL but they’re really crumbly and yummy 🙂

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Shaped the dough into a log and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Don’t think this was entirely necessary, though–I’ve made it before with a 20-30 min rest, (just to make sure the butter absorbs the flour) and it was just as good!

What I Liked:

  • Really, really buttery and crumbly, just like shortbreads should be!
  • The level of sweetness is spot on, but if I wanted to lower the sugar by a tablespoon or two for my parents, I suppose I could!
  • The flavors are very, very subtle (but 100% there) so these make for a REALLY great tea cookie
  • The brown sugar instead of white–it makes a world of a difference!

What I Would Change:

  • Not be afraid to mix these more (see comments!)

Other Comments:

  • I don’t think the blogger who originally published the recipe browned her butter enough? 😡 Her cookies are so pretty! Lol unless I browned mine too much…which I’m pretty sure I didn’t!
  • The dough was really, really crumbly! A little frustrating to work with at times but not the worst.
  • I was worried about overworking the dough, especially while rolling the cookies into balls! To see if rolling by hand made the cookies worse, I sliced some and rolled others. Couldn’t taste a difference 🙂
  • I kind of want to try making dulce de leche one day, but I’m kind of scared because I know the method involves boiling a can (of sweetened condensed milk), which sounds dangerous…Plus I doubt boiling a can is like, the REAL way of doing it lol
  • I’ve seen a lot of dulce de leche/brown butter combinations around, so maybe I’ll use the combo in a cupcake one day? Brown butter frosting, dulce de leche cupcake?

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