Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes with a Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Swiss Meringue Buttercream…sounds fancy. It was by far the highlight of these amazing yet labor-intensive cupcakes. Goodness knows how long swiss meringue buttercream was on my bucket list!!

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • I switched up the frosting, but that seems obvious at this point 😛
  • In terms of ingredients, I changed nothing. There was so much to do and I didn’t want to get caught up in minor changes. Plus, I was already changing up the frosting, right??
  • I made mini-cupcakes instead of regular-sized ones (recalling that one regular cupcake = 3 mini cupcakes) and baked for 9 minutes
  • I made the cookie dough balls on Day 1, the frosting on Day 2, and the cupcakes in three batches on Day 3. Assembled on Day 3 as well.

What I Liked:

  • The recipe for the cookie dough filling and chocolate cake were really, really straightforward. No worries about over mixing or ten million dishes to wash. Just simple, one or two-bowl recipes.
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream…OMG. SO good. It was basically a buttercream but much, much lighter in texture. I love light and fluffy frosting in general, but to make it even more amazing, the flavor was a great balance between butter and caramel (yup, butter-flavored haha). In the same way that using Ghirardelli in brownies makes all the difference, using a high quality butter for buttercream frosting makes a WORLD of a difference.
  • I love mini-chocolate chips! 🙂

What I Would Change:

  • The chips ahoy were WAYY too big for the top of the mini-cupcake hahah
  • I really wanted the cookie dough filling to be more raw and maybe even a bit liquid-y. Instead, it tasted almost like a real cookie baked inside a cupcake! I think I pretty much knew that the recipe wouldn’t give me what I wanted, but, like I said, I didn’t want to get caught up in minor changes to this recipe…at least not the first time around! I wanted to give it a shot as it was.
  • Although the frosting was supposed to be enough to cover my 36 mini-cupcakes, I only covered about 22 or 23. I should have realized that the ratio of frosting:cupcake is naturally much higher for mini-cupcakes and that I would need more frosting 😛
  • One blogger mentioned that pushing the cookie dough ball to the bottom of the cupcake and covering it in batter entirely would cause it to bake less. In order words, it would make the cookie dough taste less like a cookie and more like a raw, liquid-y filling. Based on her suggestion, I covered the top of 3 or 4 of my mini-cupcakes with an extra dollop of cake batter. However, when trying to pull those cupcakes out of my mini-cupcake tin, the tops popped off! It was nearly impossible to get them out :/ Maybe I need to look into using mini-cupcake liners more often…

Other Comments:

  • Another method to filling cupcakes is, of course, baking the cupcake by itself, scooping out the inside, and piping in a filling. I saw a few recipes that called for that method, but I avoided them because I knew they would be even more labor intensive 😡
  • Instead of a chocolate cupcake, I could make a white or cookie-dough flavored cupcake! Though I do love chocolate…
  • Prior to Day 2, when I made the buttercream, I had already read enough recipes to expect my frosting to curdle at first and then “magically” come together. And it did just that! A little bit of curdling (see photo below) and then it all turned out okay 🙂 Getting the stiff peaks to form took a good 10-15 minutes and then adding the butter and waiting for the curdling to go away took another 5-10 minutes

My swiss meringue buttercream right before I added the butter, while I added the butter, and right before it all came together.

  • BUT THEN (almost horror story)….the next day, when I started rewhipping the buttercream so that I could pipe it, it TOTALLY died on me. Curdled like crazy. There was like this disgusting puddle of liquid at the bottom and I was like OMGGGG I overwhipped and my frosting is now ruined. 😦 I really thought I was going to have to make a fresh batch. However, remembering all the tutorials and recipes I had read, I clung to the hope that continued whipping would make it all okay…and guess what? After about 5 minutes or so of whipping…IT CAME BACK! I was soooo happy hahahah
  • Made the swiss meringue without the special “recommended” mixer blade and candy thermometer, and it turned out fine! The italian meringue buttercream might not be possible without a candy thermometer, though…
  • I kind of wonder what the cookie dough frosting would have tasted like…it couldn’t have been that different from the swiss meringue buttercream, right?? After all, both of them are flavored primarily with brown sugar…
  • Cookiecookiecookiedoughhhhhhhh

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