Mini Cake Rusk

2012-12-22 01.12.15 2012-12-22 01.12.58

AKA South Asian Biscotti? I am addicted to these things.

ALSO don’t they look like mini school buses or something in the second photo? Am I losing it? Haha

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Increased the baking time by a LOT. Idk how the times written in that recipe would ever work. The first round of baking took almost 45 minutes, then I sliced. At 25 minutes the biscotti were completely uncooked. Slicing would have been impossible. The second round of baking took over an hour, I just kept checking and flipping the biscotti every ten minutes or so.

What I Liked:

  • I can now make a baked good that I eat ALL THE TIME. Haha. My whole fam eats these fellas 🙂
  • I really liked the large crumb!

What I Would Change:

  • Some recipes called for oil instead of butter. I think next time I will experiment with oil and see if I like it better!
  • I’ve seen some basic biscotti recipes that are more or less the same as this cake rusk recipe BUT they call for about three times as much flour…maybe next time I can try increasing the flour and seeing what happens?
  • I need to remember to bring the eggs to room temperature–they caused the butter/sugar mixture to curdle up a bit! :/

Other Comments:

  • Is it cake rusks?! (As opposed to rusk) I have NO IDEA.
  • The batter was SO thick…I haven’t worked with a batter like that in ages!

2012-12-22 01.10.32

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