Father’s Day Crepes and Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes


I made no attempt to make these photos look nice haha. For father’s day, I made cinnamon apple crepes and chicken, spinach, tomato crepes (I tried poaching eggs for the savory crepes but that was a total fail cause I overcooked them lol). I baked any leftover crepe batter in a mini-muffin tin and my 6-inch springform, effectively making something similar to (mini) dutch baby pancakes, a type of german pancake that I’ve wanted to make for some time (don’t know where the name comes from). I think the main difference is the ratio of the ingredients used, but in general it’s a standard pancake batter. I filled the larger dutch baby pancake with bananas, cooked flour frosting leftover from the oreos that I flavored with a spoon of peanut butter, and chopped almonds (photo above, you can see a crepe in the back). Below is the crepe recipe (I’ve used this recipe before) and the cinnamon apple recipe.

Recipes Used:


What I Changed:

Cinnamon Apple Filling

  • I used 1 apple, 1 tbsp butter, and 1 tbsp sugar

Crepes and Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes

  • I made the crepes smaller than I was supposed to. I made 6 and I probably could have made another 6 with the leftover batter but instead I used it for the other pancakes
  • The 6-inch dutch baby pancake baked up in about 10 minutes but the mini-muffin ones took 15-20 minutes…not sure why, exactly

What I Liked:

  • I REALLY liked the mini dutch baby pancakes…they were just so soft and chewy and I felt like I liked them alone but I could have eaten them with anything (fruit, cheese, cream cheese, frosting, etc.). Not to mention they were super cute haha.
  • The cinnamon apple mixture tasted just like an apple pie filling, no surprises there 🙂
  • The peanut butter flavored frosting was delish! The frosting was fine even after being kept in the fridge for several days. The night before, I mixed in the peanut butter a bit but the frosting was still kind of cold and difficult to mix so I just let it sit at room temperature until the following morning, when I finished mixing.
  • I don’t think my dad likes crepes but he liked the banana and peanut putter frosting pancake. My mom and I really enjoyed the savory crepes, though! And my brother really liked the cinnamon apple ones. I feel like these are good recipes, apparently just not good recipes for father’s day LOL
  • I got better at making crepes! They were less rubbery and more thin than they were last time I made them, esp. given that I used my spatula to spread them out. For my own reference…2-3 minutes a side on medium heat worked best 🙂

What I Would Change:

  • The only thing I can think of is that I wish I had added a splash of milk or cream or something to the apple mix to make it more runny. I could also add nuts or something to the cinnamon apple mixture.

Comparable Recipes:

Dutch Baby Pancake:

Other Comments:

  • I remember talking to one of my roommates the other day about the idea of starches around the world and it got me thinking…I know APAHW has had a noodles around the world event, but it’d also be cool to see rice around the world (paella, asian fried rices, biryani, etc.), and now that I think about it…pancakes around the world. French pancake = crepe, German pancake = dutch baby, and I’m sure there are many more variations!
  • I really want to learn how to poach eggs!
  • I wonder how the dutch babies will turn out when the ratio of ingredients is adjusted! It looks like there are more eggs and milk for a given amount of flour.
  • I want to make popovers, too! And choux pastry. Oh, how my bucket list goes on…

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