Banana Cake with Malt Frosting


I looove experimenting with Banana Breads/Cakes in general, but the addition of malt frosting to this one made it AMAZING!! Didn’t get a picture of the cake after I added the frosting though 😦 I scooped out a little bit of bread from the top and just added it as a filling, almost. I also spread it on every slice 😛

Recipes Used:



What I Changed:


  • Changed 1/2 cup sour cream in the banana bread to 1/2 cup yogurt…I need to try this with sour cream one day…
  • Baked in a loaf pan and not an 8 x8 pan
  • Baked for about 30 minutes instead of 25


  • I didn’t want to make the frosting too sweet so I started with 1 cup of powdered sugar…it was still SO SWEET
  • Used about 1 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon cream

What I Liked:

  • Cake had a really soft & smooth texture
  • LOVE the taste of malted milk. I didn’t like it when I first had it but now it’s like the best thing in the world.
  • Using a combination of milk and cream in the frosting was a good idea! It really helped thin out the frosting a bit, especially considering how clingy it was (see other comments)

What I Would Change:

  • Still needed more time to bake, probably another 5 minutes or so…but I was really afraid of the cake drying out :/ Maybe next time I will just use the 8 x 8, I feel like I’ve had this issue with a lot of loaf cakes
  • Maybe reduce the amount of malted milk powder in the frosting? Start off with 2 tablespoons?

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • The malt frosting had a very…clingy? rubbery? texture. I think malted milk must do that to a lot of food because a few days later I had the chocolate malt gelato at capo and I noticed it also had a particularly clingy/rubbery texture compared to most of the other flavors!
  • I love experimenting with different types of dairy in these loaf cakes! With a regular pound cake, I’ve tried buttermilk, sour cream, and cream cheese…If I remember correctly, sour cream and cream cheese were better than the buttermilk pound cake. I haven’t experimented with different types of dairy in banana breads as much (from what I remember, anyway) soooo…add that to my bucket list 😛
  • I also really want to try adding canned pineapple chunks to the best banana bread recipe I find (someday). One of my friends once made banana bread with pineapple chunks and it was deeelish–sorta reminded me of the chunks in carrot cake! I’m a little afraid that if I add the juice from the can it will make the bread too moist, but that if I don’t add it the flavor won’t be as strong :/ I guess I’ll have to do research on that, or just try out recipes that include pineapple chunks, haha
  • I was thinking of adding malted milk powder to the banana bread recipe itself, but I realized the malt could easily overpower the banana flavor. In general, the pairing of the flavors really works but meshing them together in the cake doesn’t sound like the best idea to me?

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