Buttermilk Magic Custard Cake


These types of “magic” cakes have been on my bucket list for the longest time 🙂

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • Used 1/4 cup brown sugar in place of the granulated white sugar
  • Don’t think I beat the egg whites until stiff peaks formed but ohhh well! I didn’t expect this recipe to be particularly finicky

What I Liked:

  • Loved it!!! It REALLY did separate into layers…it seamlessly transitioned from a normal cake on top to a custard on the bottom! I loved it cause it was the best of both worlds 🙂 Judging from photos on other blogs, magic cakes without buttermilk have more distinct layers and the bottom layer is rather dense. This cake, by contrast, was very soft on the bottom.
  • It was the perfect way to use up large quantities of buttermilk! Most buttermilk recipes only use up a little at a time so it’s usually really annoying to make pancakes and have a ton leftover. I think one thing I could also try is using half buttermilk, half milk in order to get a greater separation of layers and a more dense bottom layer


What I Would Change:

  • This would be FANTASTIC with a caramel on the bottom (sorta like flan) or some kind of fruit syrup on top or on the bottom.
  • Need to figure out a cleaner way to get it out of the pan…the caramel might help with that? I know that flan usually isn’t toooo hard to remove
  • I baked for just under an hour, I probably could have tried 1:05 or something? The top looks much more browned in some of the other recipes I’ve seen

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • I wonder if the chocolate would be good…I’ve definitely been disappointed with recipes in the past when I’ve simply made the chocolate version of a traditionally milk/egg/custard flavored dish
  • Love crossing things off my bucket list 🙂

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