Double Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Caramel Sauce

photo-32 photo-31

Homemade caramel has been on my bucket list for SO LONG! Also creds to Priyanka, who helped a bit and finally realized I bake from scratch hahaha

Recipes Used:


Caramel Sauce:


What I Changed:

  • Made half a batch of the cupcake recipe. According to other blogs, the recipe (this type of buttermilk-based chocolate cake recipe) shouldn’t be doubled when making cupcakes. I’ve definitely doubled similar recipes when making large cakes though…maybe the texture turns out too spongy with cupcakes?
  • Used 60% Ghirardelli for the frosting plus 1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar
  • Confession–I had to make two batches of the caramel sauce! I started off with a half batch cause I was nervous (caramel making is supposed to be tricky!). The first batch had sugar that was NOT caramelized enough (not enough depth of flavor, as I read on some blogs haha) and I evaporated the cream wayyy too long afterwards in an attempt to get it to caramelize so it solidified too much AND I added the butter too soon so it had elements of browned butter flavor (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess haha). The second batch was PERFECT. Lol but it’s tricky cause the sugar really does get to the caramelized stage in seconds. Both attempts used the wet caramel method 🙂

What I Liked:

  • The frosting recipe is best ganache/chocolate fudge frosting recipe! Perfect ratio of chocolate/butter/cream–thickens beautifully
  • Love this cake batter recipe! So straightforward, super moist, delish 🙂
  • Homemade caramel tastes SO MUCH BETTER than the store bought stuff omg. Sweet but not cloyingly sweet in the same way that processed caramel is. It actually tastes like you’re eating caramelized sugar. Reminds me of the way the homemade oreos tasted like an actual cookie with cream filling sandwich and not a processed wafer with processed cream filling lol
  • AND on top of that…caramel stuffed cupcakes = omg

What I Would Change:

  • Might try making a brown sugar caramel?
  • In the future, if I fill a cupcake with caramel…I NEED a lighter frosting hahahah a little too rich

Other Comments:

  • Definitely important to let the ganache sit and thicken on its own–this step can take a while. It can be sped up with a little time in the fridge but it’s best to let it occur on it’s own, in my experience. I didn’t even whip it this time! I guess because I’ve whipped it too soon several times before and been left with butter and slightly separated chocolate…
  • The batter is SO thin. I’m always afraid of overmixing but it’s definitely supposed to be pretty homogenous before going in the oven…
  • I’ve tried sour cream chocolate cupcake recipes before but they were nowhere near as good…texture was just plain wrong, far more dry, etc.
  • I might try a sour cream chocolate frosting recipe soon though! Curious to see what that would taste like. Also a chocolate cream cheese frosting ooooh…

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