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Veeeery belated post butttt…in a lame attempt to make up for missing Priyanka’s 21st, I surprised her with blondies!

Recipes Used:


Chocolate Frosting

What I Changed:

  • Cut it in half, sandwiched some leftover caramel in between the two layers, and then frosted with chocolate ganache 🙂
  • Did the lettering with a butterscotch ganache (eyeballed it until it reached the consistency I needed–maybe like 1 tsp cream with 1/4 cup butterscotch chips?)

What I Liked:

  • SO easy to make
  • Sweet but not excessively sweet, which I was afraid of
  • Made for sturdy layers 🙂

What I Would Change:

  • Not much…maybe add nuts or something for texture? (Also it’s been a while so I don’t really remember LOL)

Other Comments:

  • Go-to recipe 🙂
  • Blondies have been on my bucket list for a while too–glad I finally got to try making them!

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