Cookies n’ Cream Cupcakes stuffed with an Oreo Truffle

photo 5 (2)
photo 1 (5)

I’m not the biggest cake person but cupcakes are too cute for me to resist baking them 🙂 Also I love all things cookies n’ cream flavored!!

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:


  • My go-to chocolate cake recipe 🙂 Omitted the extra espresso granules because I didn’t want the espresso flavor–going for the chocolate/cookies and cream flavor, here!
  • Baked for 5 minutes, then added the truffle to the center–a little trick I remember reading about at some point. It helps prevent the truffle from sinking to the bottom!
  • Baked for about 20 minutes total
  • Mixed until most lumps were gone, this batter is pretty forgiving in terms of under/over mixing


  • Left out the smashed cookies because I wanted a nice contrast between the cupcakes and the frosting
  • Used clear, imitation vanilla extract instead of pure vanilla extract because, again, I wanted a nice contrast between the cupcakes and the frosting. Pure vanilla extract always adds a tinge of brown to the frosting, giving it an off-white color.

What I Liked:

  • The frosting was really light and fluffy thanks to the heavy cream! Almost the texture of a whipped cream frosting as opposed to a dense buttercream frosting–thank goodness, I’m not the biggest fan of plain buttercream frostings
  • The cake recipe never fails to be soft and moist!

What I Would Change:

  • The frosting was wayyy too sweet for my taste; I definitely want to see how much I can cut back on the sugar while still having a frosting that retains its shape. I’ve made some simple vanilla buttercream frostings before but it may have been before I started blogging…I couldn’t recall a post off the top of my head but maybe I should have just done a quick search through old posts lol
  • I had quite a few truffles left over so maybe I could have made them bigger
  • The truffle was hard to taste on its own and didn’t really contribute much to the cupcake. I’m not sure whether it was a matter of the size of the truffles (as in, maybe it would have had a more significant impact on the taste/texture if it were a bigger truffle). Even in terms of aesthetics it didn’t contribute much; it would have been better to use Golden Oreos inside or something
  • I think next time I’ll consider dropping a whole cookie at the bottom of the cupcake or even in the middle of it. Maybe broken cookie chunks? I imagine that any of those would add a nice crunch, as opposed to having a truffle that goes unnoticed lol

photo 3 (2)


The truffles are hard to see but they’re there!

Other Comments:

  • This was my first time using imitation vanilla extract! I’ve wanted to see whether it would make a buttercream look more “white” for quite some time. I think I would have been equally as happy with pure vanilla extract lol, there is enough of a contrast between the chocolate and “off-white” frosting. Maybe for super fancy cakes or red velvet cakes I can stick with the imitation vanilla extract.
  • It’s sort of exciting to me that I can no longer remember all of my blog posts! Haha…here’s to hoping I have at least 50 before the end of my break!

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