Father’s Day Brunch–Paratha, Pop tarts, Pancakes

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The photos are meh and I forgot to take one of the pop tarts!! The flatbread and pancakes were yum, but I don’t know if I will go out of my way to make them unless someone in my family requests them lol

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:


  • My mom showed me a trick–apparently you’re supposed to boil the water before you add the flour? I think it helps the flatbreads stay tender

Pop Tarts

  • Made a half batch
  • I made about 3 small pop tarts and saved the rest for a later recipe
  • Baked about 20 mins


  • Made a half batch

What I Liked:


  • I now know how to make south asian flatbreads! 🙂

Pop Tarts

  • Sooo it’s hard to say because the toaster tart recipe produced something that tasted almost exactly like pop tarts. The only problem was that the second I realized that, I remembered why I hadn’t eaten pop tarts in so long…I don’t actually like them! Lol. Why did I make them, then? I was trying to use the rolling pin from Amanda again, but the text didn’t really survive the baking process 😛 I was hoping the pastry would turn out to be much more like a pie crust than it actually did…if it had, it would have paired so perfectly with the apple pie filling! In reality, it turnout out to have a shortbread-like crumbly texture. The pastry was also very bland, and I felt it needed more flavor of its own, especially since it was such a large portion of every bite.


  • The buttermilk flavor REALLY stood out in these. I personally liked it and I think it paired perfectly with maple syrup but I can also see someone not really liking it because it was SO distinct…not very common for pancakes!

What I Would Change:


  • The technique for folding the paratha wasn’t very helpful in improving the end result because the recipe didn’t necessarily produce the type of layered bread I had imagined. In fact, this recipe produced a flatbread that turned out to be more of what my family calls atta roti (atta referencing the type of flour used to make the roti), and it is best when rolled out in one layer (hence why I later started calling it a chapati, which I think is a more general flatbread term from what I know)
  • I definitely rolled some of them out too thin–they turned out more crispy than soft

Pop Tarts

  • Note to self see the “What I Liked” section for some ideas on what to change…
  • The most important thing it to make sure the pop tart filling is more thin, the apple pie filling I made was lumpy and poked through the top layer of the pop tarts much more than I wanted them to. A quick run through a food processor should do it
  • I would also thin out the pastry a lot more so that it turns out more crispy and so that it isn’t a huge chunk of bland, crumbly pastry in every bite
  • I would add some kind of flavor to the pastry


  • I would want to try different things to reduce the strength of the buttermilk flavor–maybe half milk, half buttermilk?

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Soooo I didn’t learn how to make paratha, but I learned how to make atta roti! Haha
  • My dad said they breads were confused…they didn’t know whether they were parathas (because of the layers) or atta rotis (because of the flour used)…identity crisis, much?
  • I got to use the rolling pin Amanda got me!!! Can’t wait to incorporate this into other recipes 🙂 The text was always more faded in the cooked roti, but you could see it!
  • I think with a little more sugar, the cornmeal pancakes would have tasted like what I would imagine “Buttermilk Pie” to taste like (I’ve looked up this recipe in an attempt to figure out how to use up leftover buttermilk)

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