Millionaire’s Shortbread–Homemade Twix Bars

photo 5 (1)photo 4 (1)

Soooo this recipe was kind of a fail…I need a candy thermometer 😦 Can you tell how hard it is from the second photo?! I made the slice in the first one which the caramel was still setting. Also sorry my photos have been so wack lately!!!

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • I used the remainder of the pop tart pastry dough and added just under 1/3 cup sugar and 1/4 cup cornmeal (I figured the proportions were similar enough that it would work)

What I Liked:

  • The shortbread on its own was actually delicious! The cornmeal added a nice bite and it was very crumbly (which I knew it would be, based on the texture of the pop tarts haha)

What I Would Change:

  • Basically I cooked the caramel way too much and it turnout out to be more of a hard candy than a chewy caramel 😦 Another website I saw said that 230°F meant small threads would form when the caramel was drizzled over a plate, so that’s kind of what I was looking for (took about 10 minutes)…maybe I should have just gone with the 3-5 minute recommendation in the recipe 😦

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Caramels are difficult to work with 😦 ‘Specially without a candy thermometer. It’s okay…every failure is delicious, right? I got to much on shortbread crumbs allllll day

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