Crepe Cake

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I used the remaining vanilla pudding in this miniature crepe cake! Got to try my first ever crepe cake with the lovely ladies of 1412 last weekend 🙂

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • Left out the sugar in the crepe batter because the pudding was filling enough
  • Medium heat, 2-3 minutes on each side
  • Not really a change but just to mention a technique that worked well–poured the batter into the center while the pan was off the heat and swirled. If the swirling wasn’t enough to spread out the batter, I would spread it out with a clean spatula (it never worked well with a spatula that had batter remaining on it from the previous crepe). Then, I would cover the pan with a lid to retain the heat within the pan and help cook both sides simultaneously. Using a ladle really helped to maintain an even thickness of the crepes.
  • Let the crepe batter rest for half an hour or so

What I Liked:

  • SO good 🙂 Not as rich as the Lady M crepe cake we had, but still really yummy–I feel like this is one of those desserts you can’t go wrong with
  • These crepes turned out wonderfully, and I definitely like this recipe better than the others I’ve tried. I think that now that I’ve nailed the technique a bit more, I’ll go back and try the other recipes just to be sure that it wasn’t the technique that improved the crepes rather than the batter
  • Again, this is definitely on the healthier side of the desserts I’ve made, considering the filling wasn’t some terrible-for-you buttercream or pastry cream
  • After a period of refrigeration, the crepe cake held up to being sliced pretty well–definitely not runny/jiggly the way I had expected it to be!

What I Would Change:

  • It’s always hard to whisk the flour into a smooth mixture…next time I’ll try whisking a small amount of liquid into the dry ingredients and incorporate slowly
  • The butter also becomes solidified in small bits the second it hits the cold milk and eggs–I have to remember to incorporate room temperature liquids into it and to do so more slowly as well

Other Comments:

  • I got about 3 circles from each crepe, on average. Sometimes I got four–not all the of the circles were perfect but as long as the majority of circles look decent the cake still turns out looking pretty!
  • The whipped cream still held up a few days later!!! Fingers crossed that it’s due to the stabilizer haha
  • I wanted to drizzle the top with a syrup but I was too lazy lol
  • Just like the first pancake never turns out well as you adjust the heat, the first two or three crepes never turn out too well, either. You can see the difference!

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