Hot Milk Sponge Cake

photo 3

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • Made a half batch
  • Whipped the egg white to soft peaks alone, then added the yolk and whipped more
  • Shaved a few tablespoons off the amount of sugar
  • Didn’t make the topping

What I Liked:

  • Really, really fluffy and light! And without being spongy, too!
  • Could definitely be dressed up with fruits, nuts, etc.

What I Would Change:

  • Nothing! For anyone who likes simple, fluffy cakes–this is a go-to 🙂
  • Important to not overheat the milk/butter! I had to let mine cool down for a while before I added it to the eggs

Other Comments:

photo 4

  • The cake was surprisingly hard to slice! (Notice the jagged edges) I think the fact that it was almost meringue-like with the sugar and egg contributed to its tendency to stick to the knife
  • I’m sure increasing the butter would make this more like a standard pound cake and less like a standard sponge cake haha

Comparable Recipes:


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