Cream Cheese Coffee Cake


“Cheesecake” + Cake = ❤

A little hard to see the cream cheese layer up top, but it’s there I promise!!

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • Only used about 2/3 of the streusel topping, it was really overkill imo

What I Liked:

  • Super easy to prep everything in advance and just kind of put it together when I needed it
  • I think the cake flour really made a difference!
  • This cake stayed moist for several days, which really surprised me! For some reason, I was convinced that it wouldn’t…maybe the cream cheese helps it to retain moisture?
  • Froze really well too 🙂


What I Would Change:

  • Reduce the amount of crumb that I prepare, definitely…
  • Put the cream cheese layer in the center! I think it should turn out fine…I avoided it the first time around because I thought it wouldn’t cook enough in the center but I get the vibe that it should be good to go!

Other Comments:

  • There were some recipes that made a similar cake using yeast…adding it to my bucket list!
  • I feel like the topping looks undercooked, but I thought it tasted fine? Idk, maybe I’ll try a different streusel recipe altogether next time

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