Mini Pumpkin Pies!



Mini is better, always!

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • Made 1/3 of the filling recipe, gave me enough filling for probably…12-15 tarts? Though I only made 6 because I ran out of Trefoils! (I munch, okay??)
  • Cooked the pumpkin (from my aunt’s garden!) at 350 for 50 minutes then strained through a fine sieve to make sure the filling was ultra smooth!
  • We didn’t have ground ginger or ground cloves, and I’m not a huge fan of overly-spiced desserts anyway so instead I cooked the pumpkin with 2 thin slices (let’s say 3mm thickness, 1 in diam) of fresh ginger and 3 cloves…then just took them out when I was done! Voila! šŸ™‚
  • No nutmeg!
  • 14-15 minutes seemed to be the perfect time (though that might vary with theĀ water content of the fillingĀ prior to baking). I avoided a jiggly center because that seemed to leave the filling too soggy, as determined by a “pie” without the crust. In the ones with the crust, the extra moisture just got soaked up by the crust. Bleh
  • I kind of just added sugar to taste, starting with what I guesstimated to be one-third of 2/3 c haha. But I felt like I added too much. It’s hard to tell how sweet it is without sampling a decent amount (and I only realized that too late, when I had already overshot) BUT the good news is that because I didn’t add sugar to the crust, and the crust:filling ratio was super high in these “pies,” it all sort of worked out. I guess the takeaway is to 1 factor in the sweetness of the crust and to 2 make sure I sample a decent amount. Also…


RoastedĀ and strained with love.

What I Liked:

  • OMG the filling is SO good on its own.
  • My family loved it!
  • Perfectly spiced, imo šŸ™‚ More complex than carrot cake because of the ginger and cloves, without necessarily being overwhelming.

What I Would Change:

  • As much as I love the crust, I wish there was a lower crust:filling ratio in these miniature “pies” because again, the filling is so good!


A bit too small to be “pies.” Oops!

Other Comments:

  • I was surprised by the fact that pumpkin on its own, even after being roasted, was so…NOT sweet/caramelized! I was especially surprised givenĀ that the carrots in the carrot bread had turned sweet so quickly after being cooked. Plus the fact that I’m just generally under the impression that sweet potato/pumpkin/butternut squash and related veggies turn super sweet after a roast in the oven.

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