Pudding Cups


So many flavors!

Recipes Used:

What I Changed:

  • For the two puddings, I made sure to mix the sugar and cornstarch to minimize lumps, and then I added that mix to the liquid ingredients. Lastly, I just mixed in the chips/butter/anything else the recipe called for.
  • Had to whisk CONSTANTLY. The white chocolate pudding turned out super smooth but the butterscotch was left to sit for a minute and it got SO lumpy with cooked egg. Strained both of them anyway!

What I Liked:

  • I think I left the white chocolate one a bit too runny
  • The peanut butter mousse was just barely sweetened, so it helped balance the sweetness of the pudding

What I Would Change:

  • The butterscotch was wayyy too sweet! The white chocolate pudding was also super sweet but it wasn’t as overwhelming.
  • Need to add more pretzels if I’m trying to add contrast to the sweetness! But overall the pretzels helped change up the texture a bit too, which was nice

Other Comments:

  • I think next time I make butterscotch pudding, I want to use a recipe that involves making the butterscotch from scratch. Hopefully it’ll make the pudding less sweet!

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