Recap: Working at a Bakery!


Because I wanted a pretty picture at the top of this post 🙂 Description at the end of the post!


My new kitchenaid ahhh!

Sooo I’ve been working at a bakery (OCF Coffee House) these past few months! (Yeah, seriously!) It’s been a ton of fun–not only learned about baking and the food industry (BOH can get a little cray) but also made a friend along the way! And nibbled on desserts. A lot. I decided to drop it because I wanted to focus on school/exams these next few weeks, but maybe I’ll start up again in the spring/summer if they need someone for a few weeks! Summer is busier there, anyway. Update: added a few more things that I’ve baked post-OCF but will start with normal blog posts now that I’m caught up!

Things I learned/had to do:

  • Made mostly large batches (3-4 times a recipe was pretty much standard)
  • Always baked at 350 – made me more comfortable with testing for doneness
  • Often played around with proportions of certain ingredients such as sugar, flour, etc. and became more comfortable with changing baking recipes in the way cooks often change recipes to taste as they go. Made me more confident as a baker and helped me take my experimenting to a new level! Also because things were often baked in large batches, slight changes seemed to have only minor effects at best.
  • One can melt and refrigerate melted chocolate for later re-melting!
  • How to coat cake balls and PB bombs! (always been terrible at coating things in chocolate)
  • How to get muffins and cookies to be even in size
  • How to make scones, cake rolls, different types of buttercream
  • My ideal BP ratio is…10 E:10 C Bread:7 C Cream–>might play around with milk and half and half in the future
  • My ideal pumpkin spice is still in the works, but right now I like 2T Cinn:1T Ging:(1/8T Cloves:1/8TAllspice?) for a loaf
  • I THINK I learned what a cake with too much acid (BP, where BS is more basic) tastes like
  • Go-to cream cheese filling is 8oz CrCh:1E:1/3C Sugar:2T Flour:1t Van
  • Apparently air bubbles can form in bread pudding loaves if the cubes aren’t compressed to the bottom 😛
  • You can freeze pretty much, like, anything. Except chocolate when it’s right out of the oven.
  • Used molasses as an ingredient for the first time! Also powdered ginger.
  • Added to my baking tools: Kitchen Scale, Ice Cream/Cookie Scoops, Cookie cutters (finally found a set I like that wasn’t totally overwhelming), aaaand (drumroll) A KITCHENAID 🙂 🙂 🙂 What remains on the list? A candy thermometer, ramekins, tart pans, a food processor (probably mini), silicone dome mold
  • Chilling the cookie dough does make a difference…honestly I didn’t taste it at 72h but I tasted it like, 2 weeks later!
  • Apparently I can bake cookies in my toaster oven 😛 (the one on the left is the toaster oven, the right is the regular oven)
  • Made homemade pistachio butter…and lost a blender in the process…eek.
  • Used a vitamix for the first time! And a robo coupe!
  • Where there’s a will to get a cake out of its pan…there’s a way.


  • When making bagels, boiling in honey + water is the way to go! From top to bottom: boiled in baking soda + water, honey + water, and straight into the oven as a control (those are two different techniques in baking bagels). Honey + water tasted the best and had a slightly gelatinized crust. Lol at the baking soda 😛 I think using bread flour would help maintain the shape (I used AP flour here, and in the past when I made bagels I think the boil step went alright?).

Recipes I tried (not all were at OCF, some I made at home):


Using some KAF everything spice (courtesy of SC!) on some homemade bread rolls. Perrrrfection ❤






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