Tangzhong Loaf


Second attempt at tangzhong! Wanted to use a recipe that called for ingredients by weight so that I could get more consistent results.

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Still don’t have a thermometer so I just looked for the “lines.” It cooked up pretty quickly, I may have had the heat too high?
  • Shaped one batch into rolls, another into a small loaf prior to first rise
  • Let the rolls rest overnight in the fridge, then rise 3h at RT – baked at 350 for 30 min
  • Froze the loaf, let it thaw overnight in the fridge, then rise 3h at RT – baked at 350 for 25 min

What I Liked:

  • The rolls turned out pretty dry and crumbly, but the loaf turned out great! Not really sure what happened…maybe I overbaked? I was thinking something was wrong with the tangzhong (as in overcooked) but if that were the case then the loaf wouldnt have turned out right…maybe I just overbaked the rolls? They are much smaller and turned out much darker than the loaf, even though both had an egg wash
  • I love the swirl look! Will keep doing this! It’s also nice in terms of portioning out the dough


(The loaf)

What I Would Change:

  • Maybe shape after the second rise and see how that changes things?

Other Comments:

  • Froze and thawed well after baking 🙂 Yay!





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