Carrot Cake Bread Pudding

IMG_3395.JPGOddly enough, I wasn’t able to find many carrot cake bread pudding recipes online. First time that has ever really happened to me! (Not being able to find a flavor variation of a recipe, I mean)

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Used TJ’s cornbread stuffing bread cubes b/c I didn’t like them much and couldn’t find a way to use them hehe 😛 Literally been sitting around since Thanksgiving…yay creative license!
  • Boiled carrots first then grated to make sure they wouldn’t absorb the moisture. Then “fried” in brown sugar/butter
  • Decreased brown sugar to 2/3 C, added some confectioner’s sugar on top
  • Decreased carrots to 2/3 C just because I wanted to reserve a few for dinner 😛
  • Added one egg b/c seemed mix seemed dry :/
  • Accidentally added the vanilla while the carrots/brown sugar/butter were still hot so it evaporated the first time. Amateur move 😡 Re-added after milk and eggs were in
  • Baked at 350 for…I dunno 40 mins? Until no liquid came up!
  • Split into a loaf and an 8×8
  • Added a handful of white chocolate chips to the loaf
  • Omitted nuts/pineapple/coconut
  • Whipped up some butter, mascarpone, and confectioners sugar for a frosting. Tried to make a “quenelle” but didn’t work hehe
  • Sprinkled with some brown sugar

What I Liked:

  • The white chocolate chips added a burst of sweetness, which was nice considering the bread pudding itself was low on the sugar. I think I actually prefer having those little bursts instead!
  • The crust from the brown sugar! Love the crunch
  • Glad I finally got to use those breadcrumbs! Have a few left 😛

What I Would Change:

  • More white chocolate! 😛
  • Would be great with some pineapple chunks/juice in there too!
  • A bit on the dry side

Other Comments:

  • Yes, I was liberal with my changes hehe

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