Potato Rolls


Love that I’m getting to try out so many different bread recipes! After this, I need to do try dry milk powder as an ingredient, potato flakes/starch/flour as ingredients, and then maybe start playing around with whole wheat flour and high-fiber flours!

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Made 15 rolls and 8 mini-muffin rolls
  • Used rapidrise yeast (this is the same as instant, I think?)
  • Baked the mini-muffins for ~20 minutes (too dry) and the rolls for ~20 minutes (maybe could have done a few minutes more to cook the center–delicious anyway– but the outer rolls were perrrrrfect!)
  • Put some honey butter on top (couldn’t taste it, really…potato flavor really came through)
  • Baked the potato instead of boiling
  • Added 6 TBSP of flour, one at a time. This dough was a bit sticky and tough to work with, even after 15-20minutes of kneading. It helps a lot to just flour the outside of a roll though! Definitely would say it was worth the extra labor.
  • Froze the 15 rolls, thawed overnight in fridge (~30h) and baked off late the next day…perfect amount of time for flavors to develop! (Still took ~3h to rise at RT) Would be wary of going to day 2, but will try at some point

What I Liked:

  • So, soooo soft
  • You could really taste the potato! Imagine eating really fluffy, bread-like mashed potatoes 😛
  • Much more filling than the average bread roll
  • Moist for DAYS!!! At least 4-5
  • Definitely my favorite bread recipe so far

What I Would Change:

  • Need to bake in the 8×8 because heat doesn’t adequately reach the center of my bigger tray
  • Will also try this recipe with bread flour, curious to see its effects

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Curious to see how potato flakes/starch/flour compare to mashed potatoes…I’ll probably start with potato flour because it’s used the most in the recipes I want to try. Potato flakes are a close second in terms of how frequently they are used but something about using instant potato flakes bugs me a bit more than flour, seems more artificial…


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