Ricotta Cake


Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Made ricotta with half cup heavy cream, 2 cups 2% milk, .75 tsp distilled white vinegar, .25 tsp salt. Brought to full boil over medium heat and stirred constantly until curds were seen, took a while maybe 20 minutes or so = basically a paneer/chennah recipe baked into a cake!
  • Ricotta strained with paper towels for approx 1.5 hours, on the loose side. Came out to about 150g when I weighed.
  • Half batch with weights (taken from comments on Food 52)

    62g unsalted butter+ 85 granulated sugar (slightly reduced from suggested 225g) + 75g eggs + .5 tsp vanilla extract- Creamed butter and sugar until pale, added eggs and beat until well incorporated

  • 80 g all purpose (plain) flour + .5 pinch salt + .5 tbsp bp mixed until combined
  • 125g Ricotta + .5 apple grated folded in

  • Omitted lemon zest bc was taking this home and figured my fam wouldn’t enjoy it

What I Liked:

  • Ricotta was really rich and flavorful, despite the use of 2% milk
  • Omg the apples literally MELT into the batter, it’s incredible! I wonder how it would turn out with applesauce
  • This cake really was amazing. The texture, moisture, and tenderness are enough to win anyone over–simplicity at it finest ❤ Definitely hope to make it again
  • Really couldn’t taste the apples…not complaining hehe

What I Would Change:

  • Egg may have been a bit too cold–looks like my butter was a tad curdled and I noticed butter-y splotches/hints of greasiness in the final product. Still incredibly delicious and tender, but crazy how I am so much more aware of these things after the repetition at Nook 🙂
  • Ricotta may have been borderrrrline too salty? Not sure…just note to self to be careful I suppose!
  • Could have strained ricotta a bit more I think
  • Apples were a little bit browned on the outside by the time I got to them but couldn’t notice brownness in the cake visibly (see for yourself!)

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Keeps in fridge well at least 4-5 days. Sooo much better heated 10 seconds in microwave though. Also can be frozen easily!
  • Next step with this recipe will be to see if store-bought ricotta still works its magic…and applesauce!
  • Cake was easy enough to get out with some shortening and flour in the pan, but also very tender and at risk of breaking if done too soon
  • Would be amazing with some whipped cream hehe
  • For a lemon fan, lemon zest in this would probably be amazing. Or orange zest!
  • Trick I learned to keeping things moist–the crumb on the edge a cake, because it’s already dried, is less likely to dry relative to an inside slice. Orrr basically saying it’s dry and will (1) dry less quickly (2) even if it does dry it matters less so takeaway is leave those as “insulation” for the inside pieces!
  • Curious to see if cake flour would make this recipe better. Ooh or almond flour!
  • Have yet to make a ricotta cheesecake!


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