Lion House Rolls

IMG_3516.JPGIMG_3496.JPGSooo apparently there’s this place in Utah that has famous “Lion House Rolls” using dry milk! I’ve been wanting to make a loaf with dry milk to see its effects for some time now. A lot of recipes call for a combination of dry milk and potato flakes/flour/starch but I wanted to see the effect of dry milk alone before messing around with the combination.

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Used bread flour (another blog with the same recipe said it would make the rolls lighter?)
  • Kneaded about 15 mins, until most of it pulled away from the sides
  • Turned some into rolls and some into crescents
  • Did a half batch with approx 2.5 cups flour and 1 cup water…ugh I need to stick to recipes that use weights. I thought I had added too much flour but don’t think I did in the end!
  • Used instant yeast, lowered to 1.5 T (then half of that because of half batch…still wound up opening a second yeast packed) as recommended by another blog
  • Did not proof, just combined everything and mixed! In retrospect, I would follow the recipe and “make” the milk first because it’s so clumpy
  • Brushed with shortening instead of butter
  • Baked two crescents on the bottom tray of the oven…crazy how the temperatures vary within an oven 😛


Guess which one was on the bottom rack 😛

What I Liked:

  • Beautiful, fine crumb–much more delicate than the potato rolls
  • Really nice crust that forms. Good chew relative to the potato rolls
  • Lighter (less filling) than potato rolls
  • I probably could have gotten away with using less flour, the dough is pretty nice to work with


What I Would Change:

  • Maybe more sugar? These rolls remind me of the honey butter rolls I made, but I liked the tenderness of this one more. Wish it were a bit sweeter, kind of felt bland compared to the potato rolls. On that note…
  • these would also be great as cinnamon rolls. Better than the potato bread in that there would be fewer competing flavors!


Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Not sure what my next steps are…ideally I would try a recipe with dry milk and mashed potato as opposed to potato flakes or flour so that I don’t introduce the variable of another ingredient, but those recipes seem harder to come by?
  • Maybe I’ll try this recipe with all purpose flour? Or the potato rolls with bread flour? Honestly not too excited about switching to AP Flour with this recipe though, I can’t imagine the change would wow me :/ (Could say the same for all the “comparable recipes”
  • Also!! I found whole wheat flour in a small packet (usually I only see the giant packets, or if it’s a small packet it’s whole wheat pastry flour). Didn’t want to start off with a big bag because I don’t know if I’ll actually like the switch. This means I can start working on making the cheesecake factory’s brown bread 😛

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