Nutella-Filled Choux Pastry





Some iced with confectioner’s sugar, some with milk chocolate!

What I Changed:

  • Lots of variables–bake times, temperatures, parts of the oven, pans, silpat/nonsilpat…so let me just summarize!
  • Silpat is better than non-silpat
  • Definitely need to grease pans if not using a silpat
  • Lighter pans >>>>>> Darker pans


Without grease, both will stick–but notice how much better the bottoms look on the light pan!

  • Easy to smooth the top with water for a prettier look-helps remove some wrinkles/cracks too!



In this one there was a liiiiitle tiny point that I nicked off post-bake 😛



Smoothed on right, nicked on left!

  • Applying firm pressure just above the tip gives the greatest control over shape when piping – also pipe “into” the direction of excess if the batter comes out unevenly (counterintuitive but it works, especially if you push batter away faster than you let it out…I guess if you were piping faster than pushing this wouldn’t apply)
  • In increments of 10, minutes, I tried: Top Rack 425, Bott Rack 350; Bott Rack 400, Top Rack 425
    • It looks like if you start off with too low a temperature or open the oven too much they don’t rise as nicely/they wrinkle up. But if you subsequently increase the temp they might turn out ok
    • I’m sticking with 425/350 and a high temperature at first
    • After the first 20 minutes, I poked holes in them and put them back in at 350 for ten minutes–definitely helps brown/crisp them up
  • One batch had to wait a solid ten minutes or so before getting in oven, turned out fine haha
  • Still pretty solid the next day, but I did crisp them up in the oven before filling for about  5 minutes at 350
  • For confectioner’s sugar icing, I kind of just got it to the consistency I needed with water…for half a cup of sugar, I only needed a splash of water, not even a teaspoon I’d say…
  • For the milk chocolate icing…don’t use Trader Joe’s Brand Chocolate 😡 I tried to make a ganache with only butter…I’m pretty sure it should have worked but it curdled super quickly :/

What I Liked:

  • So mini, so cute and poppable!
  • Some of them turned out so smooth!
  • Bread flour helps them puff up beautifully and creates a nice chew in the final product, definitely sticking with it
  • This recipe is sweeter than the one I liked previously, but I think because that one was less sweet you could taste the butter more…oddly enough I think this one had more butter or at least felt wayyy more greasy when I made it…had to cook for a solid 5 minutes or so to get it to stick to the pan!
  • The puffs didn’t really get soggy, even after two days…though maybe that’s because nutella is mostly oil…

What I Would Change:

  • The ganache recipe…need better chocolate 😛

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Finally getting the hang of this choux pastry business! Next time I’ll play around with salted caramel and maybe one day…a croquembouche 😛
  • Also need to fill with pastry cream one day!
  • I was actually surprised by the fact that the confectioner’s sugar wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet…kinda just tasted like a donut glaze, which, I guess it was haha



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