Nutella Pudding with Chantilly Cream and a Cookie Crust



Recipe Used/What I Changed:

What I Liked:

  • Nutella Pudding was a great consistency, perfectly sliceable without being too gummy

  • Crust was crunchy, a nice contrast to the silkiness of the other layers
  • No straining needed in this pudding–guess that without egg, curdling doesn’t really happen
  • Had to freeze for a little while (~40 min) but then the dessert sliced beauuutifully!


What I Would Change:

  • Would add 2 T of Powdered Sugar to the whipped cream, the sour cream flavor was a little too strong


Other Comments:

  • Tasted more chocolate-y than nutella-y…I feel like nutella is one of those things that is best on it’s own and doesn’t shine as much once incorporated into other things 😡
  • Update: came home 2 weeks later and the whipped cream held it’s shape 😛 😛


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