Flourless Chocolate Cake, Pecan Meringue, Mascarpone Cream Cheese Frosting


Wound up decorating this three times because I was unhappy with the consistency of the frosting 😛

Recipe Used/What I Changed:

    • Doubled the recipe and just added a pinch or two of instant coffee powder
    • No vanilla
    • Blended it with the whisk of the immersion blender to get rid of lumps, turned out fine – flourless, right? No risk of gluten overdevelopment 😛
    • Used Ghirardelli semisweet chips
    • Had to bake for 1:20min at 350 (wanted to go with a lower temp because it was extra thick and much wider)
    • Snuck some candied pecans on top because they’re amazing 😀
  • Frosting:
      • This frosting was too runny at room temperature for this cake, imo. I might try it again but with a much smaller amount of heavy cream. Thought it would have a much better set than it did, especially considering I did whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks first (though maybe I should have whipped to soft weaks to account for the continued whipping?? Idk it didn’t look like it had curdled…
      • Adding cocoa powder helped firm it up a lot, but made the frosting lose a lot of the mascarpone’s subtle flavor 😦
      • Again, I actually decorated, removed EVERYTHING, decorated again, was still unhappy, and made a new batch of frosting entirely </3
        IMG_3767.JPGDecorating round 1…can you see frosting about to drip off the sides? I liked the bead border of this one better though, I must say…

        • Ultimately used 8 oz Mascarpone, 4 oz Cream Cheese, 4 oz Butter, 1.25 Cups Powdered Sugar
        • Also totally forgot JUST how important it is/how much it helps to PIPE the frosting on the sides!!


Notice the first AND second round of frosting removed…also this is before I remembered to pipe…


Somewhere in the middle…


Aaand voila!


What I Liked:

  • The flourless chocolate cake was amaaazing – incredibly rich and brownie-like in texture. A little chewy on the edges but otherwise a satisfying and dense bite. Rare to get a dose of chocolate that woooonderfully intense 🙂

  • Really glad I was able to fudge a mascarpone recipe that worked. I need to be really wary of whipped cream frostings…I still want to try and approximate the mascarpone cream at Isgro’s
  • Mascarpone frosting was pretty silky! Better than other times that I’ve made it. But I think it lost a little bit of the mascarpone’s flavor. I’m not sure whether it was the cream cheese in excess, the butter in excess, or the lack of salt. ALso I definitely prefer vermont brand over belgioso, for texture and taste

What I Would Change:

  • If doubling the cake recipe, 9×13 is the way to go
  • For the meringue, added cocoa a little too soon, next time need to wait until stiff peaks otherwise it’s hard to tell what stage the whites are at – may have even overwhipped 😡

  • Need a pinch of salt next time, maybe vanilla extract in the frosting

Other Comments:

  • Tasted more chocolate-y than nutella-y…I feel like nutella is one of those things that is best on it’s own and doesn’t shine as much once incorporated into other things 😡



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