Creme Patisserie Banana Pudding


Because Creme Pat > Vanilla Pudding 😛

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Used the vanilla extract and not beans
  • Kinda just mixed the egg yolks with the dry ingredients and skipped the “creamy” part of it cause I was rushing OOPS. Proooobably wouldnt have made that big of a difference anyway, oh well!
  • Whipped up 2 T confectioners sugar and half a cup of heavy cream and folded that in
  • Cooked for a whileeee and never saw a burp/boiling…but it definitely fully thickened and had no aftertaste


What I Liked:

  • Incredibly creamy without being too thick

  • A good consistency–not quite sliceable, but held on a spoon nicely
  • Such a beautiful color once the whipped cream was folded in
  • The whipped cream made it 2135181723518 lighter and better, I don’t think I would have enjoyed a thick pudding/creme pat on its own
  • The creme pat recipe was great–almost no moisture seeped out!
  • I think the cornstarch is better as a more powerful thickening agent but the flour is better taste-wise

What I Would Change:

  • In an attempt to replicate the texture of Magnolia, I would crumble the wafers a bit more and fold that into the pudding first, rather than layering it with the banana
  • In an attempt to replicate the pudding consistency of Magnolia and Sweet Life Bakeshop, I need to do….something to make the pudding lighter and more fluffy/whipped-cream like…but just adding more whipped cream dilutes the flavor of the pudding too much…maybe add powdered milk and vanilla extract to the whipped cream?? 1 T more of the flour to the creme pat? Idk…
  • Need to find a good vanilla wafer recipe, too!

Comparable Recipes:

Other Comments:

  • Ripe but FIRM bananas are ideal, not overripe otherwise it just turns to mush…
  • The flavor of the banana and texture of the wafers really does need at least a few hours. We tried it ~1-2 hours in versus next day and it really did taste better the next day
  • No butter in this recipe hmmmm…
  • It’s amazing how much better a whisk is for custards than a spatula is!!!

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