Golden Pull-Apart Butter Buns


Buns4days! What a beautiful crumb šŸ™‚

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Made 20 buns
  • Baked for ~20 min at 350
  • Kneaded for ~7 mins

What I Liked:

  • This dough was such a breeze to work with!

  • Incredibly tender rolls
  • Soft for ~3 days, by day 4 I’d say they would be more stale but could be reheated (they didn’t make it to day 4 :P)

What I Would Change:

  • Maybe underbake a teensy bit more next time?



Other Comments:

  • It’s always so much harder to hear the “hollow” sound with buns…I really need to get an internal thermometer!
  • I ā¤ KAF
  • Didn’t brown as much as the photo, not sure why…I think I read about it having somethingĀ to do with drying out the tops? Maybe I underbaked?
  • These didn’t have the “wrinkly” appearance right when they came out…does that also suggest underbaking?

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