Parker House Rolls


Omg second favorite bun after the Amish ones!

IMG_3936.JPGRecipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Went with 50g potato flour
  • Used 1 tsp salt
  • Shaped as simple rolls
  • Used 57g butter (half stick) in the bread and then just didn’t brush any on top…probably not traditional but helps compare between rolls 😛
  • Made 17 rolls (these rise a lot!) and probably juuust underbaked (my preference!!), approx 19 mins
  • Had to wet my hands to manage this dough, it was pretty sticky!!

What I Liked:

  • Very, very fluffy and light

  • Right when they came out of the oven, the bottoms were super crispy!

What I Would Change:

  • Would try an egg wash so that there’s more of a contrast between outside and inside, esp. if I’m underbaking
  • Would increase the sugar by…2T? Or up the salt a hint, maybe to what the recipe actually calls for heh. Could use a little more flavor in these buns, though I loved the texture!
  • Was it the egg that made these so good?? The milk?

Other Comments:

  • May have over-proofed these? But still amazing…
  • Also didn’t get these as brown as they could have been but probably due to underbaking
  • I think I may have under-proofed the “Soft White Dinner Rolls” so I’ll try that one again at some point soon
  • Next on my list is a partial whole-wheat bun that also calls for potato flour and dry milk!
  • Ah the sheet pan/silpat are amazing!!

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