Potato Wheat Rolls


Had a little bit of whole wheat flour that needed to be used up 😛

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Actually did 3/4 a batch and it wound up using up the remainder of the WWF almost perfectly!
  • Used freshly squeezed OJ
  • Used sugar instead of honey because I didn’t want to start adding too many new ingredients in–wanted to be able to compare the buns a bit better…I read online that they are interchangeable in terms of sweetness and I just swapped them by weight but I’m not sure whether “interchangeable” meant in terms of weight or volume…or whether I believe they’re actually interchangeable :/

What I Liked:

  • Nice, whole-wheat-y bite

  • Very, very soft for a whole wheat bread, and stayed soft for at least 3-4 days

What I Would Change:

  • SO hard to work with this dough. Sticky, messy mess.

Other Comments:

  • Need to start using white whole wheat and seeing how that tastes…

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