Funfetti Cake with Cake Batter Frosting

POST 100 🙂 🙂IMG_3989.JPG

Funfetti Cupcakes with Cake Batter Frosting

Had to repeat the cake recipe and made a lot of changes so I’m going to have a different format!


  • Recipe Used:
  • What I Changed:
    • Measured everything by weight
    • Added 2t butter extract
    • Increased vanilla to 2t, used clear imitation vanilla (idea from Momofuku Milk Bar’s published recipes, which says that imitation vanilla replicates a more nostalgic “funfetti/birthday cake” flavor
    • Made a half sheet of cake, a 4.5 inch cake, and a dozen mini-cupcakes
    • The half sheet took about 35 minutes, and the 4.5 inch ones took anywhere from 25-30 minutes, and the mini-cupcakes took about 15-20 minutes at 350. Eyeballed most of it, too early to really keep track of bake times but in general I don’t think I over/underbaked much
  • What I Liked/Disliked:
    • ALL THE SPRINKLES SANK TO THE BOTTOM!!! Argh what an awful recipe…not surprised the author didn’t have more sprinkles in the photos. I was so excited to try it, too. And to prove to myself that there was an imbalance in liquid and dry ingredients I added 1/2 C Cake Flour to a bit of remaining batter and baked another batch–it was far more dry and overmixed, but it rose so much better (in my opinion illustrating that the batter was too heavy for the baking powder to even have its full effect) and the sprinkles didn’t sink.IMG_3946.JPG
      Where is my funfetttiiiiii
      Found it. Shaved off this bottom layer, going to turn this into a standard white cake. I suppose it is still a delicious cake…

      What is this?! Alllll the sprinkles sinking!!!
      What a huge difference after adding some flour!

      Comparison of the mini-muffins with and without the extra flour.

      • Adding sprinkles halfway through the bake helped a little but those sank pretty far down, too
      • That said, it was a delicious cake with a very, very tender crumb…but I still needed a batter that would hold sprinkles soooo in round two I quartered the recipe and removed the two whole eggs…did the trick! Was not as moist and tender but definitely velvet-y, thanks to the shortening
      • The recipe was: 28.25g Butter, 25g Shortening, 112.5g Sugar, 1/2t VanExt, 1/2t ButterExt; 30g Egg White (1 White); 78.75g Cake Flour (don’t forget sifting!), 3g BP (just over 1/2t), Pinch Salt (1/8t), 60g Milk
  • Next Steps:
    • Use real vanilla extract because it tastes better and nostalgia in this cake only gets me so far 😛
    • Omit the butter extract because I feel like I need a better sense of what it tastes like with vanilla alone
    • Consider adding almond extract after I figure out what to do with the vanilla and butter extracts
    • Whip the egg whites separately and fold in
    • Looking at the KAF White Cake Recipe, I’m curious as to how the cake would turn out if I swapped milk for yogurt…I would imagine it would create a much thicker batter, at the very least

Cake Soak:

  • I know Momofuku does a soak and I THINK Bud and Marilyn’s does one too, though it’s very light?
  • 1 Cup Whole Milk Reduced to  1/4 Cup and Strained + 1/2t Baileys + 1/2t VanExt + 1/2t ButterExt
  • I added this soak to the bottom layer but didn’t add enough to taste it/allow it to penetrate – but in a separate bowl I mixed some leftover soak with some leftover cake and it was AMAZING! Loved the richness it added and the way it created different textures
  • Next Steps:
    • Won’t reduce (makes it a little too thick to penetrate easily)
    • Use a greater volume
    • Do the soak when the cake is warm (I dont have much experience in soaks but I’m pretty sure this will make a big difference…to do the soak before the cake has really settled/set, thicnk I read it somewhere once)
    • Mayyybe poke holes? Might be too much…
    • Might omit the butter extract, I think I prefer baileys to help replicate the cake batter flavor actually 😛


Cake Crumbs

  • I tried adapting two recipes from Momofuku to my taste…I was okay with both, didn’t love either
  • Birthday Cake Crumb Recipe: cake crumb
    • 100 g granulated sugar (1/2 cup)
      25 g light brown sugar (1 1/2 tablespoons, tightly packed)
      90 g cake flour (3/4 cup)
      2 g baking powder (1/2 teaspoon)
      2 g kosher salt (1/2 teaspoon)
      20 g rainbow sprinkles (2 tablespoons)
      40 g grapeseed oil (1/4 cup)
      12 g clear vanilla extract (1 tablespoon)
    • What I Changed:
      • Quartered the recipe
      • Didn’t have grapeseed oil so I subbed corn oil–I think this probably changed a lot in terms of flavor, though they are both pretty neutral oils I THINK?
      • Subbed brown sugar with granulated sugar, didn’t want to start introducing the flavor of brown sugar
      • Added butter extract (an amount equivalent to the vanilla extract )
    • What I Liked/Disliked:
      • I actually ended up with what I felt was too runny a mixture…it turned into a bunch of nice crumbs in the end butttt didn’t hold it’s shape at all from how I originally placed them (they all melted into each other). I think there’s a good chance it had something to do with the things I substituted/added but who knows
      • Also did not like the flavor…maybe that had to do with the oil…but ALSO definitely had to do with the imitation vanilla, yuck
      • Though they weren’t too sweet, which I liked
      • Loved the look
      • And they were nice and addicting-ly crunchy, which I also really liked
      • As always I like to mess with things a bit so I reserved a little, added Cake Flour one teaspoon at a time until I could roll the dough into small balls–they puffed up and became hollow little dots! Too cute! I tried to decorate with them but decided I didn’t like them in the end (Shawn was opposed to these “mushrooms”)
        These are the birthday cake crumbs in the back and the cute little “mushrooms” I got once I added more dry ingredients! Forgot to grab a picture of the crumbs prior to breaking them up, but yeahhh they really just didn’t hold their shape whatsoever until after I added extra flour.IMG_3966.JPG
  • Milk Crumb Recipe:
    • I actually started this recipe once before and didn’t take it to completion, was happy with the salty milk-crumb product in the middle
    • 40g (½ cup) milk powder
      40g (½ cup) flour
      12g (2 tbs) cornstarch
      25g (2 tbs) sugar
      2g (½ tsp) kosher salt
      55g (4 tbs [½ stick]) butter, melted
      20g (¼ cup) milk powder
      90g (3 oz) white chocolate, melted
    • What I Changed:
      • Added some sprinkles at the very end
      • Quartered the recipe
      • No extracts added–just making a note
    • What I Liked/Disliked:
      • A little too sweet
      • Not crunchy enough at all!! Very soft, especially at room temperature
      • Great taste though…white chocolate, butter, milk ❤
  • Next Steps:
    • Definitely going with the Birthday Cake Crumb as a base…
    • I think I’ll try adding milk powder or cornstarch next time instead of cake flour, by the teaspoon of course
    • Going to use melted butter instead of oil, definitely
    • Real vanilla!!! Might omit the butter extract again just to identify the flavor of the vanilla alone


Perfection ❤




Cake Batter/White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

  • What I Changed:
    • Half batch
    • Used all unsalted butter
    • 1t VanExt, 1t ButterExt
    • Omitted Lemon Juice…lemon juice and cake batter? No…
    • Used a baking bar to facilitate the melting process
    • Had approx 30 g powdered sugar, then used 100g granulated sugar…kind of just a random amount. Had to mix this in with a small portion of the butter/cream cheese first to try and dissolve as much as possible, then added it back into the full frosting batch and whipped to full volume, at which point it had fully dissolved
    • Used only 2.5 oz white chocolate–veeeery important to make sure this is slightly cooled/at room temp
  • What I Liked/Disliked:
    • DELICIOUS! A tad too sweet but the cake wasn’t too sweet so it worked
    • Super duper silky
    • Really replicated the cake batter flavor, I guess white chocolate must have something to do with it…
    • Was SUCH a great consistency…firmed up quickly enough and although it melted a little once warmed, overall it was really great
    • Just the right amount to decorate the cake with, too!IMG_3964.JPG
      Slices through beautifully! (From the fridge)
  • Next Steps:
    • I would want to find away to preserve the flavor but also cut back on the sugar AND I want to firm it up a bit if possible
    • I think next time I’ll cap the sugar off at 90g, though I don’t know what combination of powdered sugar and granulated I’ll use…I guess all powdered ideally and add more as needed
    • I think I’ll swap a tablespoon or two of the butter for cream cheese to make it more firm and less sweet/more tangy (two-in-one!)
    • Could also try adding milk powder to firm it up without making it too sweet! Now there’s an idea…IMG_3971.JPG
      Before I decided to remove the mushrooms heh…IMG_4011.JPG


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