Simplest Buns




One of the top-rated bread recipes on KAF’s site. No frills, no funky ingredients!

Recipe Used:

What I Changed:

  • Went with 170g water
  • Didn’t brush with butter, no sesame seeds
  • Reduced salt to 1 t
  • Underbaked slightly
  • 10 buns, 16 min at 375


What I Liked:

  • Very easy dough to work with

  • Stayed soft for 3-4 days at least (was suprised with this, considering there weren’t any stabilizers! Is egg a stabilizer?

What I Would Change:

  • Miss the mild flavor from the potato 😛
  • Maybe brush with honey butter?

Other Comments:

  • I don’t know that I really loved this recipe or that it stood out…I wonder if a lot of folks start with this recipe on KAF because it’s straightforward (or because apparently people want homemade burger buns haha) and just get really excited the first time they try homemade bread 😛
  • Finally used the drying rack!!


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