Confetti Cookies/Sugar Cookies


Because I’ve been on a funfetti roll!

Recipes Used

What I Changed

  • Added 1 T corn syrup to half the dough

What I Liked

  • Solid recipe, but don’t think it was amazing. The sprinkles on the outside actually added a lot!
  • I kept flip-flopping on whether I preferred the cookie with or without the corn syrup

What I Would Change

  • Would be interested in seeing how it tastes rolled in cinnamon-sugar
  • Maybe increase the almond extract a little?

Other Comments

  • I actually used the dough as a lemon tart and caramel tart base…worked like a charm and it was super convenient to have it ready to go in the fridge!
  • Important to only par-bake the sugar cookie dough for the lemon bars, otherwise they got too hard in the second bake




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