Pop Tarts and Pie – Apple and Pumpkin


Recipe Used:


What I Changed:

  • Sour cream pastry
    • Added 2 T sugar
    • Used cake flour
    • Made this recipe twice, reduced the butter slightly the second time to 226g
    • Mixed by hand
  • Cream cheese pastry
    • Used half cake flour, half all purpose
    • Used heavy cream
    • Added 2 T sugar
    • I added the cream cheese and butter at once, but I think next time I’ll start with the cream cheese bc of the lower moisture content? Might help facilitate the mixing…
    • Mixed by hand

What I Liked:

  • Both of the pie crust recipes were tender and delicious, though the cream cheese one was noticeably more acidic and flavorful

What I Would Change:

  • Would reduce the cider vinegar juuuust a smidge
  • Would want to try the sauce with vanilla added, and brown sugar instead of white (also hope to make toffee at some point soon!)
  • Didn’t like that the caramel got a bit grainy when reheated…but also kind of returned to normal at room temp idk? Liked it overall!
  • Would take out or at least reduce the cornstarch in the apple filling

Other Comments:

  • So, so important to layer the pastry. When working with the acidic dairy products, cake flour, and minimal mixing techniques, the risk of a tough crust stays low
  • Having a thin layer of pastry is actually just as important in getting layers, otherwise the dough just collapses down on itself
  • Pre-baking helps create layers, though I learned the hard way that the sour cream pastry couldn’t really be pre-baked too well…
  • Need to get a pastry cutter


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