Almond Cake

Recipe Used

What I Changed

  • Didn’t make the topping
  • Sprinkled the top with cinnamon sugar after they came out of the oven
  • No coconut flour on hand so did the almond flour sub

What I Liked

  • Light but also substantial in terms of texture. Also very flavorful!

What I Would Change

  • I wish I had lined the pan with cinnamon sugar and sprinkled the top with it before baking as well!
  • Might try toasting the almond flour prior to baking next time
  • Might also add a smidge of almond extract too!
  • Didn’t like the irregular air bubbles/texture

Other Comments

  • I’m so curious to see how coconut flour would change this recipe, it feels like such a blank slate!
  • I was hoping to recreate an almond cake I tried at The French Workshop, a relatively new bakery that opened up near me. Their’s was so plush and velvet-y, literally melt in your mouth ❤ Didn’t quite achieve that unfortunately. Will keep trying! The flavor was almost there, though!

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