Brown Butter Cake

Recipe Used

What I Changed

  • Omitted nutmeg and pecans
  • Baked a couple of different tray sizes…one half sheet, one quarter sheet, 2 4.5inch rounds
  • Added some store-bought dulce de leche between the layers! I cheated with the store bought butttt…no regrets!!! Brown butter/dulce de leche is an incredible combination

What I Liked

  • Brown butter flavor was subtle, but definitely there. Would be difficult to know it was flavored with the brown butter but that being said it definitely tasted like something more than regular old vanilla.
  • Sour cream in cakes = heaven
  • Cake flour = perfection ❤
  • There was this gummy, sweet layer that formed on top…happens in some cakes and not others…I wonder whether it has to do with brown sugar?

What I Would Change

  • First time I tried to decorate this, I used 8 oz cr cheese, 2 oz butter, 1/3 cup sour cream, 1 t vanilla, and 2 cups confectioners sugar. WAY TOO RUNNY. Could not frost with this.
  • Would love to try it with some candied pecans it!
  • Wasn’t quite the pound cake texture that the brown butter cake at Bakeshop has buttt it was still pretty incredible while mimicking the flavors.

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