Pumpkin Cakes


Tartine = Dark one in the middle, most cinnamon

Yammies = Right, most pumpkin

Epicurious = Top left, lightest

Recipe Used

What I Changed

  • Tartine – went with 4.5 tsp cinn, added 2 tsp ginger, no nutmeg, no squeezing out moisture
  • Epicurious – no nutmeg or allspice, added .5 t ginger

What I Liked/Disliked

  • Shawn liked the Epicurious but I thought it was the most dry (relatively)…Tartine was definitely the most plush, presumably due to the oil
  • I think I would work with the Yammie’s one and try to amp up the spices, or tone down spice in the Tartine one

What I Would Change

  • I want to try using recipes with brown sugar or sour cream

Other Comments

  • Need to try a few more butter-based recipes
  • There are also a bunch with sour cream and other fancy things that I want to try at some point…or pumpkin blondies??

Comparable Recipes

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