Tres Leches Cake


Recipe Used

What I Changed

  • Sifted the dry ingredients
  • Whipped whites+part of sugar and yolks+part of sugar up separately, added dry to the yolks and then folded in whites
  • Used 1 C Heavy cream and 3 oz Mascarpone, 1/4 C Confectioners – Had to bring mascarpone to room temp first
  • Caramelized the evaporated milk a little bit more and added some whole milk to compensate for volume…DELICIOUS!!!

What I Liked/Disliked

  • Caramelization was def the right choice
  • Not too sweet, surprisingly enough
  • It rose a lot!!

What I Would Change

  • I think I should have lightened yolks with whites first, it was too dry a mix and I felt like I was over-mixing the yolk part–made it a little chewy?
  • Should have added liquid while it was hot! Big mistake
  • Maybe should have added a thin layer of dulce de leche under the topping??

Comparable Recipes


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